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Welcome to the 5th, THATS RIGHT, 5th iteration of the famous (or infamous) RU World Cup! This time aiming to go ahead and clean his presentation a ton more. 4th edition went swiftly so lets continue the good vibes!

The format will go mostly unchanged, but of course we will introduce SV RU as our main gen, and no suspect slots this time. We just keeping it clean with 4 SV Slots, 1 SS slot, 1 SM, 1 ORAS, and 1 BW. Workable and beautiful format, never fix what isnt broken let me tell you

Right now will most likely depend on the amount of teams but right now we are focusing on standarizing the format of all World Cups as a whole so we are going to be doing pools this time. Given the reference we have it will not be difficult at all to pull this off so lets get the party started!!

Sign-ups should include:

Player Name:
Country / Region of Residence:
Other/Secondary Eligibility:
Foreseeable Inactivity?:
Interested in Captaincy:

I know it is more of a loose and less strict version of an actual WCOP so enforcing isnt something Im looking forward to, or dont really want to do, but let secondary eligibilities make sense... we are gonna try to make the best map possible!

It is also important to point out the amount of players you should have on a team: The minimum amount of substitute players should be 3, maximum amount of substitute players will be 4. So in total a minimum of 11 players, and a maximum of 12.

Signups will last until August 12th at 11:59 PM GMT -5, if we have enough people before then and teams assembled then starting sooner will be perfectly fine.

Format, to reiterate:

From there, lets hope to have a fun one! I am really confident we all can make it memorable. LETS GET IT ON!

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Player Name: eifo
Country / Region of Residence: Europe
Other/Secondary Eligibility:
Foreseeable Inactivity?: Might be challenging to schedule stuff initially bc im entering grad school in two weeks but i can always build stuff :)
Interested in Captaincy: No


Are you feeling nervous? Are you having fun?
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Player Name: DKM
Country / Region of Residence: UK
Other/Secondary Eligibility: Europe
Foreseeable Inactivity?: none
Interested in Captaincy: yes
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